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Guidelines for contributing code or documentation

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Babelfish. Please read through these guidelines before you submit any pull requests or issues.

The Babelfish project is open to contributions. You can send a pull request via Github to contribute to Babelfish.

Submitting code or documentation

When submitting code or documentation, ensure that your code adheres to community standards and your documentation and comments conform to the Writing style guidelines. This will ease the burden of maintenance, and keep the Babelfish code and website sustainable.

Before submitting a pull request, make sure that your code is properly tested; changes made to the code should not compromise existing features. We strongly recommend running the tests before you send a pull request to development. If you submit a new feature, include test cases for the feature. Patches that do not contain tests for new features will not be accepted.

We strongly encourage you to properly document your code. If you are having language difficulty, or need help, reach out to the Babelfish community.

When documenting a new feature, it is a good idea to provide working examples in the documentation. This is especially true for programming interfaces and new SQL functions.

If you are not a coder yourself, or if you don’t want to write your own patch, we can offer help. Positive feedback is always appreciated; we are particularly interested in receiving your feedback:

  • for new content,
  • to remove inaccuracies,
  • to fill information gaps,
  • to fix typos or grammatical errors, and
  • to improve clarity.

To get involved with the review process, please check out Github.

Avoiding license violations

If you contribute code, make sure that you are not violating 3rd party rights. Checking for intellectual property violations beforehand is expected by the community. We want Babelfish and our users to be free of 3rd party claims. Keeping the code clean benefits the community as well our users.

Babelfish for PostgreSQL is available as Open Source software and can be downloaded from Github for free under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license and the PostgreSQL license.

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