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Babelfish system views

Once in a while, an application has to access an Microsoft SQL Server-compatible system view or a server side function to work properly. This is especially true for graphical user interfaces. However, accessing an Microsoft SQL Server-compatible system view is also necessary for some applications which have to collect information from the database to function properly.

Providing support for system views is therefore important. The following views are currently available:

  • sys.all_columns
  • sys.all_objects
  • sys.all_views
  • sys.columns
  • sys.databases
  • sys.foreign_key_columns
  • sys.foreign_keys
  • sys.identity_columns
  • sys.indexes
  • sys.key_constraints
  • sys.objects
  • sys.pg_namespace_ext
  • sys.procedures
  • sys.schemas
  • sys.server_principals
  • sys.sp_columns_100_view
  • sys.sp_tables_view
  • sys.spt_columns_view_managed
  • sys.spt_tablecollations_view
  • sys.sql_modules
  • sys.syscharsets
  • sys.sysdatabases
  • sys.sysforeignkeys
  • sys.sysindexes
  • sys.sysobjects
  • sys.sysprocesses
  • sys.system_objects
  • sys.tables
  • sys.types
  • sys.views

The content and the structure of these views are as compatible with Microsoft SQL Server as technically possible. If you want to find out more check out the Microsoft documentation describing this functionality.

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